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Mar 08, 2012
FastCoDesign on Truth-Bending Infographics
We're so thrilled to see a feature on our infographics on CoDesign today! The insightful article parses how graphs and charts, with their appearance of being just "the facts" can actually present a very calculated and carefully selected view of reality. Especially in this hyper-politicized time, the obligation to present data in as clear and informed a way as possible - or at least to know enough to question a chart or graph - is particularly important.

Using our case study of how to represent taxable income across income levels, and drawing from an interview with Deroy, CoDesign shows that dividing the same data in different ways can create clear political biases that influence the way an infographic is perceived. Though as designers, we must try our hardest to ensure that the data we represent is not skewed, CoDesign points out that we must likewise "recognize that finding the truth of a situation is an iterative process. It takes time, and trial and error. Our first few attempts at capturing what's true are almost never right."

Read the full article here