Meaningful Design for the Common Good

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Say Hello

Here's why.

I'm into Hyperakt's do-gooder vibe. I'd love to hire you to work on a super interesting project.

I'm curious, do you do interviews and public appearances?

I hear you have events and invite speakers sometimes. Can I come?

I'd love to visit your studio. Can I stop by?

Sure. We love visitors and our studio is a storefront so we're pretty easy to find. Just give us a heads up first so we're not pulling our hair out on a deadline when you come by.

I'm super talented and passionate about design! Are you hiring?

We're not hiring at the moment, but send us a link to your portfolio. It won't hurt. We love seeing great work.

I need an internship where I can learn the ropes. Do you guys need any interns?

We do from time to time, so show us what you've got.


401 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

T 1 718 855 4250
F 1 718 855 2754

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Twitter: @hyperakt
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