Criswell Lappin & Eliza Spang

Criswell Lappin & Eliza Spang

Creative Director & Learning Director, Institute of Play

The Institute of Play pioneers new models of learning and engagement. They are a not-for-profit design studio, founded in 2007 by a group of game designers in New York City. They are now home to an interdisciplinary team of designers, strategists and learning practitioners. The first project was the design and implementation of an innovative New York City public school, called Quest to Learn.

Criswell Lappin is the Creative Director and is responsible for the Institute’s design practice and for overseeing the quality of its creative output. He brings to the Institute experience in the commercial and cultural sectors.

Eliza Spang is the Learning Director and is responsible for the long-term advancement of the game-like integrated learning model pioneered by the Institute - its continued evolution in existing learning contexts and its expansion and adaptation in new contexts.

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If you don’t engage kids in learning, they’re not going to learn.

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