Non-profit Organizations and Social Impact Brands

Your organization is ready to step into a new era, tell your story with more raw courage than ever before, and connect in new ways with the people you work so hard to serve.

HKT transformative branding


You are clear about where your movement space is headed, and how your organization plays a critical role in pushing your cause forward. Your organization is ready to refine your relevance and fuel your influence: to change the sector for the better, foster meaningful engagement with the public, and forge stronger relationships with peers and partners.


Strategic branding is an incredibly powerful tool to further your mission through understanding, aligning, and inspiring your team and the public. We partner with organizations on the leading edge of social change to craft category-defining brands. Our team brings yours together to home in on the heart of your work. We translate your collective vision into brand strategy, visual identity, and organizational websites.

Our Expertise


We bring together people with lived and professional experience to co-create brand elements.


Our interactive sessions draw out new insights and opportunities for brand storytelling.


Our deep experience across movement spaces help to guide your team and make your message crystal clear.

What Transformation Looks Like


siloed issues and focus areas, with no clear through-line


an organizational story that brings coherence, urgency, and humanism to your work


a traditional visual brand with no consistent voice or system


a modern brand that’s responsive to the shifting digital landscape while serving as the engine for your team to tell your story to the world


a clunky, jargon-heavy website that caters to insiders


a modern digital experience, built for your target audiences, with best-in-class user experience and visual storytelling tools that fuel your organizational influence

Needs to be a strong, comprehensive client testimonial that speaks to the benefits & value & success of transformative branding.
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Hyperakt Design Group

Our Offerings


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Speak with clarity and confidence. We bring focus to your mission, vision, values, and brand tone so you can say what you mean and mean what you say.


Make the right first impression. Our rigorous and creative approach to naming will reimagine how you define your organization.


Show the world who you are. We tell your story through timeless, rather than trendy, visual language built within a cohesive brand system.


Reach the people who fund, share, and benefit from your work. We guide your audiences to the resources they need through a values-driven structure.

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