Abigail Fisher

Abigail Fisher


Abigail’s nose has been in a book long before she was strong enough to hold hardcovers on her own. At Hyperakt she brings that tenacious love of learning to strategy, coaching clients toward solutions that help people.

Abigail began her career in advertising. She worked with clients at the forefront of the good food movement to develop and maintain strong positions in a fiercely competitive environment. She brings a keen understanding of what it takes to capture someone’s attention, whether that be a consumer or an underserved population.

Abigail graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016. She’s concerned about the state of maternal care and inequity in the United States and tries to consume as much information on the issue as she can. She thinks Doulas and Midwives are superheros, and hopes to be one when she grows up. Abigail also writes the newsletter “Miss Fisher’s Fortnightly” where she waxes (somewhat) poetic about trashy TV, self-care and moisturizers.

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