Established in 2001. Founded by refugees. Women-owned.

Hyperakt is a branding studio for nonprofits and foundations. We work side-by-side with our clients, guiding, coaching, and challenging them to rediscover the fundamental truths of their mission.

A group of seven smiling people are huddled together for a photo. They are indoors, and natural light fills the background. The group includes four women and three men, all casually dressed and appearing relaxed and happy.
We believe that courageous brands, thoughtfully built from the inside out, can unlock an organization's fullest potential and empower them to help build a more just and joyous society.
  • A group of seven people are gathered around a round table covered with colorful sticky notes, papers, and glasses of water in a brightly lit office. Some are standing, while others are engaged in discussion, suggesting a brainstorming session or meeting.
  • A smiling man wearing glasses and a yellow shirt is sitting next to a smiling woman with short dark hair in a dark blouse. The woman has her hand on the man's arm. The background is plain white.

Our Story

Since 2001, co-founders Julia Zeltser and Deroy Peraza, along with the Hyperakt team, have centered belonging, integrity, balance, openness, and wonder to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with clients and with each other. Learn more about where we come from and how we show up in our work.

Hyperakt is a NYC certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

  • A woman in a floral dress writes on a whiteboard with colorful sticky notes. She appears to be brainstorming or organizing ideas, as the board has various handwritten notes and categories. The setting is bright and appears to be a creative workspace or meeting room.
  • Two individuals sit at a wooden table working together. One person holds a pen and the other reviews a document. Brightly colored papers are scattered on the table. Both look focused and engaged. Glasses and a cup are also visible on the table.

Meet the team

Our interdisciplinary team uses the power of design and strategy to help nonprofits communicate ideas, spark emotions, and effect change.

Learn more about working at Hyperakt.

Hyperakt is deeply passionate about the issues we work on. You come to it with a commitment that’s not just about a contract and deliverables. Imagination, creativity, and heart end up being reflected in the work.
Nicholas Turner
President & Director, Vera Institute of Justice
A group of seven people is casually posing and interacting on a rooftop patio against a backdrop of modern urban buildings. They are dressed in various styles of casual and summer clothing, enjoying a relaxed outdoor moment on a sunny day.
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