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Whether your brand needs a refresh or a transformation, Hyperakt can help you reclaim the confidence and courage you need to do the hard work of change.

Find clarity and courage

We believe branding is a powerful process of internal clarity: re-discovering, reframing, and challenging who you are, what you do and the role you play in the world.

With this clarity, you can tell your story with confidence and find the courage to make bold moves towards your mission. That's the power of brand.


Three ways to find clarity, confidence, and courage through your brand.


Your brand’s confidence comes from its Clarity, Resonance, Distinctiveness, and Influence. Our first-of-its-kind Nonprofit Brand Score tool measures your brand's impact before and after investment. In just 5 minutes, get a personalized report with a shareable link. Try it now!


Provocative and collaborative, leaving teams energized and inspired.

The deep understanding and the research and discovery phase felt different from other engagements with past partners. I also appreciated that Hyperakt was not afraid to push back on us when needed to move the project forward in the strongest direction.
Meg Lazaros
Deputy Director of Brand and Creative, Supermajority

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