Jarrod Mayes

Jarrod Mayes


Born in New York City, raised in North Carolina, Jarrod is a designer who has always been interested in creative expression, particularly the relationship between art, design, and activism. He explores those connections through personal projects, and now via his work at Hyperakt.

He received his BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University. While earning his degree, he worked as a designer at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. Before joining Hyperakt, he was a design intern at Dutch agency Ape to Zebra. Most recently, he was selected as a finalist for the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Fellowship for Change in Design.

Aside from design, Jarrod enjoys over-indulging in fiction (especially sci-fi), reading comic books, watching cartoons and drawing. His favorite genre of music is Hip Hop and he probably has opinions about your favorite rapper.

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