Sruthi Sadhujan

Sruthi Sadhujan

Director of Strategy & Accounts

As director of strategy and accounts at Hyperakt, Sruthi divides her time developing relationships with our amazing clients and helping to craft their unique stories. She is involved in all things that happen at the intersection of social impact, strategy, and storytelling and has been a key part of delivering brand strategy for iMentor, research and writing for the Ad Council’s “Embrace Refugees” campaign, and content strategy for Vera Institute of Justice.

Prior to Hyperakt, Sruthi was involved in launching a unique, design-based social enterprise in Mumbai, India. During this time, she traveled extensively across her native country, India, to interview and learn about individuals living in poverty and without access to critical resources.

Sruthi graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania. She has grown up across India, South Africa, and all over the northeastern United States (with a notable stint in middle-of-nowhere Indiana). She’s passionate about audio storytelling - so much so that she secretly loves long commutes on the subway for the uninterrupted opportunity to kick back to the latest podcasts. When she’s not cooking random delights, writing, or biking around beautiful Bed-Stuy, she dabbles in recording and telling amazing audio stories delivered directly to your ears.

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