What We Do

Brand Discovery

You need help uncovering the insights and opportunities for your brand, and informed recommendations to help you decide how best to move your brand forward.

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Discovery is for established nonprofits that are going through a marked transformation and are unsure of the path or the destination. Our 3-month-long process reveals the tensions and opportunities within your organization and its work, and identifies which brand direction makes the most sense.

We’ll start with our signature interactive goal-setting workshop. We'll interview and survey your internal and external stakeholders to gauge what's working and not working. We’ll evaluate your communication materials, your primary competitors, and the key issues and trends in your sector.

We’ll present your leadership team with our findings, analysis, and recommendations. You’ll clearly understand what’s at stake and how we can build a better brand to advance the organization’s mission.

Based on your team’s feedback, we’ll develop three options for leveraging your brand to achieve your goals, each with a different timeline, budget, and outcome.

Interested in Exploring Brand Discovery?

Tell us a bit about your organization and your goals.

If you have a creative brief, background documents, or task lists, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.