Brand Transformation

Your leadership team recognizes that the world you operate in has changed. You need a brand that clarifies your organization’s mission and translates the power of your work visually and verbally so your team, supporters, and partners rally to the cause.

An abstract digital painting featuring a dark oval background with vibrant, swirling lines and shapes in bright colors such as yellow, red, orange, blue, and purple. The design appears dynamic and fluid, resembling cosmic or celestial elements.

Nonprofits are facing scrutiny from internal and external forces that are raising new ideas and challenging the status quo. Brand Transformation is for organizations and foundations that have started doing substantive work behind the scenes — such as restructuring programs, developing a new 5-year plan, or rethinking their grantmaking or front-line work. Our 9-month-long process will bring you a sense of clarity and confidence that enables your organization’s best work.

Brand strategy is a combination of a brand’s promise and its personality. Brand Transformation optimizes both. Our process begins with clarifying your brand’s promise — its purpose, mission, values, and audiences. We then translate that into a verbal identity — the story and voice that expresses your brand’s role and value in the world. And finally, we'll develop a modern visual identity to deliver your story and leave a distinct and lasting impression in the minds of your audiences.

With your team will align on strategy, purpose, mission, we’ll hand over to you a powerful brand — a singular, coherent story that pulls everything together and defines what the organization does and what it stands for.

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