Pandemic-Induced Design

How Hyperakt is harnessing design to create COVID-19 solutions

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We’re not doctors. We’re designers. We’re not essential workers. We’re conversation starters. During this time of urgent need and critical conversations, we’re creating new ways for people build resilience through connection. Read on to learn more about Hyperakt’s pandemic-induced design.


Our longtime client collaborators at MTV’s Social Impact Squad needed to cut through the noise in early responses to COVID-19. To speak effectively to their millennial and Gen Z audiences, the campaign needed to be optimistic but frank, clean but informative. Our branding and microsite design defined four clear categories: stay home, stay calm, stay connected, stay active. Each category leads with a message that speaks directly to readers, followed by specific suggestions and links to resources from meditation apps to virtual workouts.

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With over 6 million site visits since its mid-April launch, the project has since grown to incorporate celebrity partnerships (shoutout Trevor Noah!), a robust advertising campaign, and an action-oriented effort that’s raised over $1 million for pandemic relief efforts.

COVID-19 City Spotlights

Vera Institute of Justice has been leading conversations at the intersection of social and criminal justice for nearly 60 years. And in recent months, with the onset of COVID-19, connecting public health and criminal justice has (finally) entered the mainstream. With its City Spotlights, Vera offered an early look at how the pandemic has been handled in cities across the U.S., with a particular focus on each city’s population of incarcerated people.

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Using the custom issues-based template we created for Vera—a longtime Hyperakt client—we helped their team engage the flexible system to tell these urgent stories their COVID-19 research and reporting evolves.

Virtual Clubhouse

Fountain House, a New York nonprofit with a global footprint, brings people living with serious mental illness together to adapt, heal, and grow together. But their in-person methodology needed a makeover when the pandemic forced physical locations to temporarily shutter. Enter: Virtual Clubhouse. Honoring the welcoming atmosphere of Clubhouses while factoring in the limited tech comfort of Clubhouse members, we developed an easy-to-use interface that allows members and practitioners to safely convene in virtual spaces.

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Within a few weeks of launch, 58% of members had signed up and logged in to the platform, the nonprofit was able to dedicate a full-time employee to the Virtual Clubhouse, and TMobile donated 300 tablets to members without their own connective devices.

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