Built for designers, open to all

As far as cars go, the Mini Cooper could be considered a work of art. Its essence is in its function and form: a beautiful, yet compact car that, in 1959, challenged the traditional notion of an automobile. Its designer, Sir Alec Issigonis, set up a secret office to develop the car: the Amalgamated Drawing Office.

Mini/BMW was eager to broaden its forward-thinking design lineage beyond the automobile. Imagine this: industrial concrete floors and wood benches; a state-of-the-art restaurant; a fabrication lab with cutting-edge technology; a rooftop mural. This is A/D/O, an innovation and community space for design in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, geared to multi-disciplinary creative types passionate about design-focused thinking. The space is a beautiful, open-air environment that bridges the theory of design and the day-to-day practice. Like Sir Issigonis, the architects of this modern space understand that collaborating beyond boundaries leads to true innovation. The best part? A glass-ceiling periscope lined with mirrors to reflect the intersection of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. A/D/O unites.

A/D/O brought in Hyperakt to expand their digital presence. Our goal was clear: to forge a connection between artists of all worlds, from interior designers to industrial engineers to art directors. Thinking beyond static web design, our aim was to build an online space that reflects the physical space. Every aspect of the website emphasizes texture, dynamic, overlapping images, and the constant allusion to the unexpected proximity of different practices. Through meaningful design, Hyperakt translated A/D/O’s physical architecture to digital architecture. Because we too, love beautiful things.