Assessing the impact of poverty relief

New York City is the wealthiest and most powerful city in the world, but many of its residents struggle daily for the basic necessities of survival. The city is relatively generous with public support for disadvantaged families, but many continue to fall through the cracks. Thousands of NYC children and families are forced to sleep on the streets or accept substandard nutrition, healthcare and prospects.

The Robin Hood Foundation is the largest poverty-fighting organization in New York City. The foundation gives grants to hundreds of soup kitchens, homeless shelters, schools and other local efforts to alleviate the symptoms of poverty and treat the conditions that give rise to it. In 25 years of operation, Robin Hood has dispersed over $1.45 million to directly address the problems of the most needy. We created an infographic for Robin Hood that demonstrates the impact a model grant can have on health and livelihoods. We illustrate the process by which the foundation identifies the most effective programs in the city, 200 of which receive Robin Hood funding. A detail-oriented analysis proves that for every dollar Robin Hood invests in a community, there is a $15 return.