World Cup Radial Bracket

Hyperakt created this radial bracket documenting the results of the 2010 World Cup. We thought football-obsessed designers like us might like to have a copy of it in the form of a beautifully printed poster. The poster was printed thanks to the pledges of supporters on Kickstarter, where in one month the project received 244% funding from 230 backers! The poster has been featured on several design blogs, on the cover of the Berliner Morgenpost and it was the subject of a feature article on the New York Times official soccer blog, Goal.

The good news is you can still get a print of the poster. We printed a limited edition of 500 24" X 36" posters and 500 18" X 24" posters. The posters are printed in CMYK plus a spot silver ink on an 80lb cover uncoated, 100% recycled Astrolite stock. The larger posters are $40 shipping and the smaller ones $25 shipping. You can get them here.

If you like these, you’ll love The Champions Ring. We’ve now created pretty much the entire history of major North American team sports as well as European Football in this format. That’s over 550 unique brackets, all available as prints on demand!