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Ana Traverso-Krejcarek

Manager, The High Line Network
October 19, 2018

Our vision is to help the industrial reuse field set a new standard of success: fostering equitable economic, social, and environmental benefits for [...] communities and cities.

Ana Traverso-Krejcarek is a Bolivian-American sociologist and urban planner with a passion for community development. She has a portfolio of projects for government and non-profit organizations in the US, Brazil, and Bolivia, with published work in urban studies and public policy. Her work gained notoriety in New York City after she created the Urban Lab for Open Spaces, a citizen science initiative to measure air pollution in the parks of North Brooklyn. Ana currently manages the High Line Network at Friends of the High Line. She works in the field of industrial reuse, with projects and organizations seeking to create a new generation of public spaces.

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