Lunch Talks

David Carson

Graphic Designer
July 17, 2015

A grayscale photo shows an older man with short, slightly tousled hair, and a serious expression. He is facing forward, and the image captures his face and upper shoulders against a plain background. He is wearing a dark collared shirt.

David Carson is a graphic designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. David is a TED speaker, an AIGA Gold Medalist, and Apple Computers recently named David to their “30 most influential users in 30 years of Apple” (only two graphic designers were chosen, the other being April Grieman). Apple called David “a pioneer with profound impact”.

This is David's first ever Brooklyn talk!

  • Three people are socializing in a modern kitchen. A man holding a beer bottle is smiling and talking to a woman, who is also holding a beer bottle and smiling. A third person stands in the background, slightly turned away. The kitchen is well-lit with white cabinets.
  • A person in a checkered shirt stands at the front of a room, presenting a slideshow to an audience seated on chairs and the floor. The projected slide shows a red background with white text. Various electronic devices are visible around the room.
  • A person stands in front of an audience giving a presentation. The screen behind them displays a large portrait and the name "David Carson" with the title "Graphic Designer" on an orange background. The audience is seated and attentively watching the presentation.
  • A diverse group of people are mingling in a well-lit room with rows of chairs facing a projector screen. Some individuals are seated, while others are standing and chatting. Tables with laptops and snacks are visible, and large windows with curtains provide natural light.
  • A man stands in front of a screen giving a presentation. The screen displays the text "Kook Gear" drawn in a creative, twisted rope-like font. The man is smiling and appears to be speaking, holding a remote in his hand.
  • A man in a checkered shirt stands in front of a screen displaying an advertisement for Bose IE2 audio headphones, featuring a person wearing the headphones. The text on the screen reads "new Bose IE2 audio headphones. our best in-ear headphones ever.
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