Lunch Talks

Gail Anderson

Teacher, School of Visual Arts MFA
October 4, 2011

A black and white portrait of a person with curly hair and glasses, wearing a scarf and a cozy top. The lighting casts soft shadows, giving a warm and contemplative expression.

Gail Anderson is a New York-based designer, writer, and educator. She has served as Creative Director of Design at SpotCo, worked at Rolling Stone magazine as a designer, deputy art director, and finally, as the magazine’s senior art director.

Early in her career, Gail was a designer at The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine and Vintage Books (Random House). Anderson teaches at SVA and high school design programs. She is also co-author, with Steven Heller on a number of upcoming books.

  • A person stands in front of a projected presentation in a bright room. The slide displays the text "The Next Queen of Soul" in a creative font, alongside an image of a woman singing passionately. The presenter is gesturing while speaking.
  • A person with curly hair is pointing at a projected image on a white wall. The image is a promotional poster in orange, black, and white for a book titled "Madame Hample's Lucky Serif Dream Book," featuring a stylized cityscape and a seated figure with a laptop.
  • Three people are seated on a couch in front of shelves filled with books. The first person on the left wears glasses, a blue shirt, and a blazer, smiling at the camera. The second person, also wearing glasses, has on a white T-shirt with a cycling graphic. The third person, wearing a green jacket, looks relaxed with hands in pockets. Additional people in the background are partially visible.
  • Four people are standing in a room engaged in conversation. One person is holding a book or magazine. A New York City Subway map and posters with bold designs are visible on the wall behind them. They appear to be in an office or informal setting.
  • A person stands in front of a projection on a wall displaying a page from a book. The page shows an illustration of children playing underneath a blanket with the text "b is for bitch" and a conversation between characters about their umbrella.
  • A person with curly hair, wearing glasses and a colorful headscarf, smiles while standing in front of a wall projection displaying the word "HAPPY" multiple times in various fonts and colors. The person is dressed in light-colored attire and a striped scarf.
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