Lunch Talks

Leta & Wade

Creative Directors & Designers
June 23, 2017

A man with long hair and a woman with bangs, both dressed in casual clothes, stand against a plain background. The woman has small toy hands on her fingers, while the man playfully gestures toward her. Both are smiling and looking at each other. Black and white photo.
We want to make things that resonate with people whether it's beautiful or strange or even slightly offensive.

The studio of Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, fashion, and technology to create satisfying and emotional visuals—they are also a couple who share a taste for quirky aesthetics and crisp design. Their work ranges from conventional identities to bizarre compositions, spanning all disciplines. They live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

  • A person with long hair and wearing a sleeveless white shirt is standing indoors, smiling, and holding a glass. The background features a window revealing some outdoor elements in soft focus.
  • A group of people sitting in a room facing a large screen displaying a presentation. The screen reads, "Intimate lectures featuring the world's top creative talents." The background includes large windows and industrial-style brick walls.
  • A group of people is seated in a room, facing a presentation screen. The screen displays text that reads, "Intimate lectures featuring the world's top creative talents." The setting appears informal, with a mix of natural and indoor light.
  • A diverse group of people sitting in rows of black chairs at an indoor event. Some are eating, chatting, or looking at their phones. The environment is casual, with a mix of attentive and relaxed demeanors. Windows and a door are visible in the background.
  • Two individuals are presenting in a modern, well-lit room with large windows. One person speaks into a microphone while the other stands beside them. A screen shows a photo of the two presenters sitting at a table with white cushions. An audience is partially visible.
  • Two individuals stand in front of a seated audience, presenting with a microphone and screen. The screen displays the text "WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO DIE". They are in a room with large windows and a brick wall backdrop.
  • A modern conference room with rows of black chairs facing a large television screen at the front. Two people sit on gray sofas at the back of the room. The room has a high ceiling, exposed ductwork, and large windows allowing natural light.
  • Two people are walking into a glass-fronted building with a sign that reads "Lunch Talks" on a sidewalk. The storefront is modern and has a mix of brick and glass. The scene includes outdoor seating and vibrant graffiti art on the adjacent wall.
  • A group of people sits facing a presentation screen in a modern, industrial-style room. Two presenters stand near the screen, which displays a red background with white text. The room has large windows, exposed brick walls, and geometric light fixtures overhead.
  • A modern indoor space with a high ceiling and large skylights adorned with colorful, floral-themed stained glass. Below, a group of people is seated and facing a raised platform, with several screens and spotlights around the room.
  • Two people are presenting in front of an audience. The person on the left stands behind a clear podium with a laptop. The person on the right holds a microphone. A large screen displays various colorful stationery items and tools. The background has large windows.
  • A modern indoor space with an eclectic design features a gathering of people seated and facing a speaker in the background. The room has multiple screens and colorful ceiling lights. In the foreground, there is a large circular structure with a central conical display.
  • A man and a woman stand side by side holding microphones in a well-lit room. The man has long hair and wears a white shirt, while the woman, with shoulder-length hair, is dressed in black with her arms crossed. A plant and a window are visible in the background.
  • Two people stand indoors by a window, engaged in conversation. The person on the left has long hair, is wearing a white sleeveless top, and is holding a microphone. The person on the right has dark hair, is wearing a dark outfit, and is smiling. A plant stands nearby.
  • Two presenters stand in front of a screen displaying the text "LE TURTLE". One is speaking into a microphone, while the other looks on with a smile. The room has exposed brick walls and large windows, allowing natural light. A potted plant and a coffee cup are visible nearby.
  • A woman in a black dress is standing behind a clear podium with a laptop on it, smiling and talking to another person wearing a sleeveless top. Behind them is a large screen displaying Twitter handles and a photo of a woman with post-it notes on her face.
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