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Michael Ciancio

Creative Director and Designer
April 28, 2017

Think about how design can help tell incredible stories born from an editorial team.

Michael is an experienced Creative Director and Designer. He most recently grew and led the Design team at Refinery29 and served as Creative Director across editorial, branded content, experiential, digital and brand innovation. He has shaped brand strategies, and designed visual identity systems and marketing campaigns at Wolff Olins for 6 years, touching some of their most iconic work - Microsoft, 3M, Target, AOL, and Citi.

Michael was a grant-holder at Fabrica, the Benetton communications research center in Treviso, Italy, where he worked collaboratively on a variety of retail, editorial, and product design projects with an international team of diverse talents. Across his career, Michael’s work has been recognized by Design Observer, The Walrus, Time Out London, I Love Typography and Fontanel.

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