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Scott Stowell

Creative Director & Proprietor, Open
May 16, 2014

Every day is this unique moment where something is going to happen that you didn’t expect, and if you are paying attention, you can take advantage of that.

Since 1998, designer Scott Stowell has been doing business as Open, and as such has grown by not growing, specialized in not really specializing in anything in particular, and (according to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum), embraced “an open notion of the term ‘office,’ inviting different participants to every project.” In 2008, Scott was named the winner of the National Design Award for Communication Design.

Open is an independent design studio that creates rewarding experiences for people who look, read, and think. Open projects include identity systems for Bravo and New York Public Radio, editorial design for Good magazine and Stanford’s, short films for Jazz at Lincoln Center and Time, architectural signage for Brooklyn Bridge Park and Yale University, and integrated campaigns for Google and Patagonia.

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  • An illuminated "OPEN" sign with bright yellow letters and blue neon lines on a dark background. The neon lines create a retro style and feature an arrow pointing to the right. The overall design gives a vibrant and welcoming message.
  • A group of people sit and stand in a room, attentively listening to a speaker who is presenting information on a projected screen. The room has bookshelves, a whiteboard, and various pieces of office equipment, creating an informal meeting or workshop atmosphere.
  • A person giving a presentation stands in front of a seated audience. The projected slide behind reads "PAY ATTENTION." The room has white walls, a large window in the back, and hanging light fixtures. A whiteboard with notes is visible on the left side.
  • Several black plastic trays are filled with various sandwiches, each cut in half and wrapped in clear plastic. The sandwiches contain ingredients like lettuce, tomato, meat, and cheese, displayed on a wooden surface.
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