Mary Dawson

Neighborwoods Community & Operations Manager

Mary grew up all across the eastern US - from the suburbs of Chicago, to Philadelphia, Chattanooga, and Boston. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, she developed expertise in marketing, promotions, event planning, operations, and administration.

At Hyperakt, Mary manages operations for Neighborwoods, a Hyperakt Labs project that has sold thousands of neighborhood maps across the globe. She takes fine care of the customers and retailers day in and day out, and ensures that the products make their way to loving homes. Mary also handles the social media and finances. She is the glue that holds Neighborwoods all together.

Outside of the studio, Mary combined her love of travel with her passion to cook in [Coast to Roast](http://www.coasttoroast.com/), a blog where she challenges herself to prepare meals from all around the world in her tiny Brooklyn kitchen. From Tuscany and Barcelona to Red Hook and Gowanus, she finds inspiration all around her. She lives with her husband Dave, and their dog Spock in Brooklyn, and loves roaming the city’s many farmer’s markets.

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