Pauline Shin

Senior Designer (she/her)

Described as a comforting, calming presence by her coworkers, Pauline is a pivotal member of the design team at Hyperakt. Pauline has a natural eagerness to create; and while she can be quiet at first, her thoughtful insights and warm personality accentuate her incredible design eye and mastery of systems. An impressive background in branding and print design coupled with her impeccable work ethic, calm demeanor, and keen eye for composition, Pauline brings to Hyperakt thoughtful problem-solving even in the face of looming deadlines. Pauline is a precise designer whose attention to detail allows for the creation of design systems that both inspire and stand the test of time. Outside of work, Pauline has an impressive portfolio of illustration work and on the weekends can be found cooking or drawing at home.

Pauline Shin
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