Rima Desai

Strategist (she/her)

A passionate "people-person", Rima loves learning about what makes people tick as our resident Strategist. When collaborating with her on projects, you know she means business; her lively nature, vivacious energy, and sharp humor creates an invigorating atmosphere to problem-solve and tackle the toughest challenges. Rima is described by her teammates as an open book; she always speaks her mind and is always ready to jump into new challenges head first. She leverages her Masters in Public Health (MPH) and research expertise to translate data into meaningful insights. She also keeps our team youthful and “in the know” by being an encyclopedia of TikTok references and sharing hilarious memes on Slack. Outside of work, Rima gets really psyched about painting, working out, and cooking. But most of the time, she's probably just rewatching New Girl on her couch.

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