Cancer Will Lose

Cancer will claim 600,000 American lives in 2016 alone, but the tide is turning.

Visual Essay, Data Visualization

In an effort to help elevate the story behind cancer breakthroughs and the future landscape, we teamed up with Genentech to create a digital storytelling piece. Genentech advances technologies that make medicines to address unmet medical needs, and help millions of people worldwide, including those affected by cancer.

“Cancer Will Lose” is divided into three chapters covering the state of cancer in America, highlighting achievements in the fight against cancer over the last 40 years and setting the stage for the next frontier: Immunotherapy. Using datasets made available by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we visualize the rise and fall of Cancer mortality rates over the last 40 years. Mortality rates of the most prominent cancers are also mapped by state between 1999 and 2012, illustrating how different parts of the country have made progress in curbing the disease. These visualizations are accompanied by contextual observations and reasons behind the positive trends.

“Cancer Will Lose” shines a light on the collaborative efforts between doctors, researchers, and patients on the frontlines of the fight against cancer.

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