Wishes big enough to change the world.


TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) brings together some of the most creative minds of our times to talk about their big idea. The TED Prize is given annually at a TED conference to one visionary thinker, along with a million dollars to make one wish of theirs come true. Past TED prize winners include Bill Clinton and Jamie Oliver, and wishes have ranged from ending the practice of using anonymous shell companies to commit crime overseas to “turning the world inside out” with a global art project.

For their 2012 conference, TED asked Hyperakt to create a manifesto explaining the TED Prize and its legacy so far. The TED Prize booklet takes readers on a journey through the dreams of the prize winners, and was given out to every TED conference attendee. We designed the booklet with a nested bullseye die-cut, filled it with gorgeous photography and data visualizations of the quantifiable impact of the award. All in the visual vocabulary of the parent brand.

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  • Jason Lynch
  • Josh Smith
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