Lunch Talks

Alex Blumberg

Co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media
July 22, 2016

Those are your tools, story narrative and emotional honesty.

Alex Blumberg is the co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media. Before Gimlet, he was a radio journalist for This American Life, and the co-founder of the Planet Money podcast. His work has won many awards including the DuPont, the Peabody, and several Emmys.

  • A group of people seated and attentively listening to a speaker in a brightly lit, industrial-style office space. A large screen displays a presentation at the front, and various desks with computers and equipment surround the audience. An orange flag hangs on the wall.
  • A person wearing glasses and a checked shirt stands at the front of a classroom, pointing at a projected slide. The slide shows a graph with sections labeled "whoop me?" and "Punchline," marked with time durations of 39 seconds and 44 seconds respectively. An audience watches intently.
  • A group of seven adults in casual attire are gathered indoors, engaging in conversation. One man with a backpack and glasses talks to a woman holding a red cup. Behind them, a person operates a camera, and a bookshelf filled with books is visible on the right.
  • A person wearing a floral shirt uses a corkscrew to open a bottle of Brooklyn Lager beer on a wooden table. The background is slightly blurred, showing part of another person and a chair.
  • Five people are gathered in a casual indoor setting. Three are standing and talking, while one is looking at their phone. Another person is entering the room, smiling. A colorful sign in the background reads: "I wish the English language had more interesting choices.
  • A diverse group of people socializing at a casual indoor gathering. Some are standing, engaging in conversations, while others are seated or walking around. The space is modern and open, with a second-floor loft visible above and various pieces of furniture and decor.
  • A group of people in a casual setting, conversing and eating. One person holds two sandwich containers and another holds a beverage. Shelves filled with books and plants are in the background. The atmosphere appears friendly and relaxed.
  • A group of people socializing at a gathering in a modern kitchen space. Some are holding drinks and plates of food. A poster in the background reads, "I wish the English language had more exciting." The atmosphere appears casual and lively.
  • A group of people is gathered in a room having conversations. In the foreground, a woman with sunglasses on her head and a man wearing a patterned cap and holding an orange cup are talking. A colorful poster with abstract text is on the wall behind them.
  • A large, well-lit room filled with people socializing. The room has long tables with food, several computers, and other office equipment. Some people are standing and talking, while others sit at tables. There is a large orange banner on the wall.
  • A large group of people mingles inside a spacious, modern office with high ceilings and large windows. Tables are set with food, and various items such as computers and decorations are visible. There are chairs arranged for seating, and a relaxed atmosphere is evident.
  • A man in a plaid shirt is presenting to a seated audience in a room with a large screen displaying the slide title "My Journey from non-profit journalist to CEO." People in the audience are facing the presenter, and the room has a casual, modern setup.
  • A speaker is presenting in front of a seated audience. Behind him is a large screen displaying a photo and name, "Alex Blumberg," along with subtitles, "American Entrepreneur, Radio Journalist" and "Lunch Talks." The venue is a well-lit room.
  • A woman in a black dress stands in front of a seated audience, presenting at an event. Behind her is a screen displaying a collage of black-and-white headshots with the heading "Lunch Talks" in the center. The venue has a casual, informal atmosphere.
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