Lunch Talks

Andrew Sloat

Creative Director at Brooklyn Academy of Music
August 24, 2018

To do it better is because that's why we're here. That's why we want to be here. That's why we want to do this.

Andrew Sloat is a graphic designer and filmmaker, and currently the Creative Director at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) where he has led the design, copy, and video teams since 2015. He has also been a teacher and critic in the graduate graphic design program at RISD since 2008.

His career has careened from letterpress printing to making experimental videos to designing art books to directing television commercials to steering the BAM brand. This varied work grew out of his graduate thesis at Yale School of Art, which explored a shared territory at the intersection of the two-dimensionality of print design and the three-dimensionality of theater.

  • A man is giving a presentation to a seated audience in a well-lit room. Behind him is a large projector screen displaying a slide with black-and-white images of two people and the text "THEATER FAMILY." Several pieces of artwork are hung on the walls.
  • A large metal tub filled with ice, plastic bottles with green caps, and cans of sparkling water. The bottles and cans are chilled, ready for serving. The background features a wooden surface.
  • A long sandwich with sesame seed topped bread, filled with various ingredients including greens and cheese, is placed on a wooden tray lined with checkered paper. The background features a modern kitchen with a plant in focus.
  • A person stands in front of an audience presenting slides projected on a screen that reads “ANIMA FEST 2017”. The room is dimly lit, with string lights on the ceiling and various framed pictures on the walls. The audience is seated and attentive.
  • A diverse group of people sits closely together in a dimly lit room, attentively watching something off-camera. Some hold drinks or snacks, and several are taking notes. The room is illuminated by light filtering through curtains at the back.
  • A person stands in front of a large screen giving a presentation about graphic design to a seated audience in a spacious room. The room is decorated with various international flags hanging from the ceiling, and long curtains cover the windows.
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