Lunch Talks

Khoi Uong & Ritik Dholakia

Co-Founders, Studio Rodrigo
September 21, 2018

As a society people don't talk about money enough in the right ways, and if you want to build a creative life understanding how money works is super important.

Khoi Uong is the creative director and co-founder of Studio Rodrigo, a digital product design and strategy consultancy based in NYC. Prior to founding Studio Rodrigo, he was the creative director for Method, NY. He lives in Brooklyn between a nondescript federal prison and a large victorian cemetery with his wife and two small but growing children.

Ritik Dholakia is lead strategist and co-founder of Studio Rodrigo, helping start-ups, non-profits, and tech companies with product, positioning, and brand strategy. Prior to founding Studio Rodrigo, he was a principal at design consultancy at Method, product managed a social networking start-up, and conducted early research on environmental footprinting. He loves art, food, beer, traveling, and soccer.

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