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Louise Fili

Founder, Louise Fili Ltd.
May 6, 2011

A woman with shoulder-length dark hair is seated, resting her face on her hand, and smiling slightly. She is wearing a dark outfit with decorated buttons. Behind her are shelves with various wine bottles and items arranged neatly. The image is in black and white.

Louise Fili Ltd, founded in 1989, specializes in logo, package, restaurant, type, book and book jacket design. A senior designer for Herb Lubalin from 1976-1978, Louise Fili was art director for Pantheon Books from 1978-1989, where she designed over 2000 book jackets. She has received awards from every major design competition, including Gold and Silver medals from the Society of Illustrators and the New York Art Directors Club, the Premio Grafico from the Bologna Book Fair, and three James Beard award nominations.

Fili has taught and lectured on design and typography and her work is in the permanenet collection of the Library of Congress, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and the Biliothéque Nationale. She was the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts design grant to study the work of W.A. Dwiggins and is co-author, with Steven Heller, of Italian Art Deco, Dutch Moderne, British Modern, Deco Type, German Modern, Design Connoisseur, Deco España, Typology and Euro Deco. Fili was recently inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame.

  • A close-up of a platter with sandwiches and snacks next to a bouquet of various flowers, including pink lilies and green chrysanthemums. The background shows a blurry indoor setting with a chair and some indistinguishable items.
  • A woman sits on a stool, gesturing with her hands as she speaks to an audience. Behind her are posters of Barack Obama with the words "We Made History" and a projector screen displaying an image. A vase with flowers and a drink are on a table next to her.
  • A woman dressed in a dark outfit gestures and speaks to a seated audience in a classroom. Behind her are posters featuring Barack Obama and a projected image of chocolates. To the side is a table with a pitcher of drink and flowers.
  • A woman gestures and speaks in front of an audience during a presentation. Behind her is a screen displaying an image and a wall with posters. The audience members are seated, and a table with flowers, a pitcher, and other items is visible.
  • A group of people sit and listen attentively to a presenter in an office setting. The presenter stands near a screen, gesturing as they speak. The room has posters on the wall, a table with snacks, and various office supplies around. Some people hold notebooks and plates of food.
  • A group of people are inside an office space. In the foreground, three individuals are seated and facing the camera, while two others are standing behind them and chatting. The room has various computer equipment and shelves with items on the wall.
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