Lunch Talks

Luke Williams

Creative Director of Paperless Post
April 29, 2016

We want to demonstrate that we know why you're here.

Luke Williams is the Brand Creative Director at Paperless Post, a design company specializing in customizable digital invitations for private events. Together with his team, Luke is committed to establishing a reputation for Paperless Post as the preeminent online invitation company, dedicated to fostering personal connections through the finest design available on the web.

Prior to joining Paperless Post, Luke was a graphic designer at Pentagram, Under Armour, Leo Burnett, Google Creative Lab, and most recently the Museum of Modern Art. He has also maintained a freelance design practice since 2009, working with clients primarily among the performing arts and hospitality industries. Luke’s work has been awarded by the Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, Print and HOW magazines, and has been published in design literature from Gestalten, Rockport, and Taschen.

  • A person wearing a maroon shirt is opening a Brooklyn Brewery brand beer bottle with a metal bottle opener. The person is holding the bottle cap and the opener with one hand and the bottle with the other. The bottle label is clearly visible.
  • A speaker is giving a presentation to a seated audience in a modern office space. A large red flag with a logo hangs overhead, and several computer monitors and office equipment are visible in the foreground. The audience is engaged and attentive.
  • A group of people are socializing at an indoor gathering. Some are standing and talking, while others hold beverages and food. The room is bright with large windows and a loft area above. There are plants and various office items in the background.
  • A group of people in a casual setting with scattered chairs, engaging in conversations and using phones. Some are holding drinks, and a few chairs have jackets draped over them. The room has a relaxed atmosphere with a mix of standing and seated individuals.
  • A group of six people stand in a kitchen, engaging in conversation. Two are standing by a countertop on the left, while others are scattered around the space, some talking and one person drinking from a can. A staircase is visible in the background on the right.
  • A man stands at the front of a room giving a presentation to a seated audience. Behind him, a large screen displays the word "Onward." The room is furnished with various office items and a colorful wheel chart is visible on the wall.
  • A person stands in front of a screen displaying the text "A little about me," giving a presentation to an audience seated in a room. The presenter, dressed in a dark shirt and jeans, gestures with one hand while holding a remote in the other.
  • People are gathered in a modern office space for a social event. Some are conversing in small groups, while others hold drinks. The room is decorated with bookshelves, plants, and computers. A mezzanine level with a red flag and a star design is visible above.
  • A group of people gather in an office environment, drinking and socializing near a couple of desks with iMac computers. Some are holding drinks, and one person appears to be pouring a drink for another. The atmosphere looks casual and friendly.
  • Two people in conversation indoors. One, holding a drink and snacks, wears glasses and a casual blazer. The other, holding a red cup, has a beard and is dressed in a dark shirt. A camera on a tripod and bookshelves in the background suggest a creative or informal setting.
  • Four people are in an indoor setting, engaged in conversation while holding food and drinks. Three are gathered together, eating and talking, while one person in the background looks on. The environment appears casual and social.
  • A group of four men standing and talking indoors, each holding a bottle of beer. The men are engaged in conversation and appear relaxed. They are dressed in casual clothing, and the background shows a glass wall with writing, suggesting an informal gathering or event.
  • A group of people sits in rows of black chairs in a room, some engaged in conversation while others eat and look at their phones. The room has large windows with abstract decorations. The atmosphere appears casual and relaxed.
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