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Marcelle Hopkins

The deputy editor of video and co-director of VR, The New York Times
March 23, 2018

We were able to bring our audience into the world of 3 kids who were displaced by war to understand a little better what they are going through.

Marcelle Hopkins is the deputy editor of video and co-director of VR at The New York Times. She oversees the Times’s innovative immersive journalism, including NYT VR and The Daily 360 and AR, as well as video news stories, documentaries and series. She serves on the advisory board for Journalism 360, an initiative of thought leaders, practitioners, and journalists dedicated to accelerating immersive storytelling in news.

Before joining The Times, Marcelle produced and directed virtual reality documentaries for FRONTLINE and Emblematic Group. Marcelle has received a reporting fellowship from the International Women's Media Foundation, a Magic Grant from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, and a fellowship at the Independent Filmmaker Project’s Made in NY Media Center. She holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

  • A group of people sits in a classroom with a large orange flag bearing a white "H" hanging from the ceiling. The room has a projector screen, posters on the wall, and a few people standing or walking around. Some attendees are talking, and most are facing toward the front.
  • A can of Sixpoint "The Crisp" beer rests on a wooden table near a red notebook, white computer mouse, and a pair of black earbuds. The can features a blue and silver design with a star logo and the phrase "Beer is Culture.
  • A woman stands and speaks in front of a projected presentation slide titled "The New York Times Immersive Journalism" with the name "Marcelle Hopkins" below it. She is addressing an audience of seated people.
  • A woman in a blue jacket stands and talks to a man in a dark shirt, who is holding a can, inside a room with gray curtains and a window. A plant with large green leaves is in the foreground near them.
  • A person stands in front of an audience, holding a glass and speaking, with a presentation slide projected behind them. The slide features a person's photo with the name "Marcelle Hopkins," and their title as "The deputy editor of video and co-director of VR, The New York Times.
  • A person wearing glasses and a denim jacket is serving themselves a sandwich from a large sub that extends off the table. They hold a plate in one hand and use the other to pick up a sandwich section. In the background, other people are seated at desks with computers.
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