Lunch Talks

Ping Zhu

Freelance Illustrator
February 19, 2016

There is always room for contribution and your own ideas. I definitely think diversity is important. I think that when you read a story, that the default shouldn't be a white male.

Ping Zhu is a freelance illustrator who has worked with clients big and small, won some awards based on the work she did for aforementioned clients, attracted new clients with shiny awards, and is hoping to maintain her livelihood in Brooklyn by repeating that cycle.

  • A table covered with various colorful drawings and illustrations, some depicting people and scenes, is being observed by a person in a black jacket. Bright orange chairs surround the table. The focus is on the artwork spread across the table.
  • A group of people is gathered around a table filled with various sketches and artwork. They seem to be closely observing and discussing the pieces. The setting appears to be a well-lit, creative studio space with other individuals in the background.
  • A group of people is gathered around a table covered with various artworks in a gallery-like setting. They are intently observing the drawings and paintings, which feature a range of subjects and styles. Others in the background are engaged in conversation.
  • A person sits on a stool giving a presentation in front of a large screen displaying "Q & A." The setup suggests a casual, creative environment with a 3D printer visible on the left side. The audience is attentively listening.
  • A person with short hair is standing and holding an object in their hands, facing towards the left. They are indoors, and part of a stairway is visible in the foreground. The person appears to be engaged or focused on something outside the frame.
  • A group of people sitting in a row, attentively listening to a speaker. The setting appears to be a lecture or seminar room with beige curtains in the background. Some individuals are holding drinks. The atmosphere is focused and engaged.
  • A person is pouring a dark beverage from a bottle into one of three orange cups on a wooden table. The table also has a plate with food, a bottle opener, and metal utensils. The cups have white text and the Lunch Talks logo.
  • A person in a light-colored sweater and jeans crouches beside a large red bucket, holding a dark-colored bottle with a label. Another person is partially visible in the foreground, reaching towards the bucket. The scene appears to be indoors.
  • A person wearing black sits on a stool in front of a group, gesturing with their hands. Behind them, a large screen displays "Q & A" on an orange background. The setting appears to be an indoor event or lecture. Audience members are seated facing the speaker.
  • A diverse group of people seated in rows are attentively listening and clapping in a room with light-colored curtains. The audience includes individuals of various ages and backgrounds. The room is softly illuminated with natural light coming through the windows.
  • A man in a grey t-shirt stands in front of a projection screen holding a microphone and a red cup. The screen shows logos for "Lunch Talks," "Brooklyn Brewery," and "D Co. Design" with a heart symbol between them. People are seated facing him.
  • Three people are engaged in conversation at a casual indoor gathering. One person in the center is holding a plate of food, while the other two listen. Coats and jackets hang on hooks in the background, and a window allows natural light into the room.
  • People are gathered in an indoor setting with shelves filled with books and objects in the background. A woman is holding a plate with a sandwich and a bottle of beer, while another person holds a red mug. A man in a red flannel shirt operates a camera in the background.
  • A group of people in a modern office are gathered around a table with assorted sandwiches. Two individuals are reaching for food, while others engage in conversation. One person wears a red beanie, and another has a distinctive hairstyle. Glass partitions are in the background.
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