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Willy Wong

Chief Creative Officer, NYC & Company
August 23, 2013

There is only one New York City, but there is no one New York City.

Willy Wong is currently Chief Creative Officer at NYC & Company, the City of New York’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization. Since 2006, he has led the creative vision and strategy for global branding, advertising, and design of major NYC initiatives, campaigns, services, products, and programs.

Willy also serves as a graduate thesis advisor at the School of Visual Arts in both the MFA Interaction Design and MFA Designer as Entrepreneur programs, adjunct at New York University’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications, President of AIGA/NY and advisory board member to SXSW Interactive. Willy received his MFA from Yale University and BA from Dartmouth College.

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  • Five women are standing together under an umbrella outside, holding drinks and smiling at the camera. One of them holds a plate of food. A brick wall with an air conditioning unit and a yellow caution sign is in the background.
  • A cooler filled with ice and several green-capped bottled beverages lying on their sides. The bottles have a logo with a stylized "B" on the caps. The ice is evenly distributed, keeping the bottles cold.
  • Three people are standing outside under a large umbrella, holding bottles of beer and smiling at the camera. They are near a brick building with a high voltage sign on the wall. One person is holding a cup and the street view includes some plants and electric cables.
  • A person is giving a presentation in a dimly lit room, pointing to a large screen displaying four slides with "NEW YORK" in bold text. An audience seated in front is watching attentively. The room has modern hanging lights and an exposed brick wall.
  • A man in a turquoise shirt is giving a presentation in front of an audience. Behind him, a projection screen displays the text: "there is only one new york city. there is no one new york city." The room is dimly lit, and a window is visible on the left.
  • A person stands in front of an audience, presenting a slide that reads "this is new york city." The presentation is indoors with modern lighting fixtures visible on the ceiling. The person appears to be gesturing while speaking, holding a remote in one hand.
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