Lunch Talks

Randy Gregory II

Creator, 100 Ways to Improve the NYC Subway
June 28, 2013

Black and white image of a person with a beard and short hair, wearing a light-colored shirt, speaking into a microphone. In the background, there is a blurred out screen or projection with some text. The person appears to be making a gesture with their other hand.

Randy Gregory started a project called 100 Ways to Improve the NYC Subway. For 100 days, he proposed various improvements to the New York City Subway, which in 2012 had 1.6 billion riders. Randy explores various ideas, from UX, Environmental, Co-Branding, Audio/Visual, and more, including potential interviews with MTA employees, all in an attempt to create discussion.

Randy Gregory is currently finishing his Masters in Branding at the School of Visual Arts. Randy is incredibly passionate about many things, including but not limited to, innovation, experience, homebrewing, nerd culture, branding, graphic design, dumplings, and much more.

  • A group of people are gathered on a wooden deck in a backyard. They are socializing under a large umbrella on a sunny day. The surrounding buildings have brick and ivy-covered walls. Some people are holding drinks, and there is a table with refreshments.
  • A man in a white shirt and tie stands in front of a projected presentation screen, addressing an audience seated in a room. The screen displays text about proposing improvements to the New York City Subway system over 100 days. The room has brick walls and large windows.
  • A man stands at the front of a room giving a presentation to a seated audience. A projector screen behind him displays various media logos such as Fast Company, Atlantic Cities, and Yahoo!. The room has a modern design with brick walls and flower-shaped hanging lights.
  • A man in a white shirt and tie is giving a presentation in a room with several people seated. Behind him, an orange slide with text is projected on the screen that includes tips such as "Observe everything" and "Inspiration is everywhere.
  • A group of people gather outdoors under a large umbrella in a garden setting. They are engaged in conversation, holding drinks, and eating food from a table filled with snacks. Trees and a brick wall with a wooden archway are visible in the background.
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