Lunch Talks

Scott Newman & Ray Marrero

Creative Director and Design Director, work x work
October 27, 2017

Coming back from Nepal, we had gone really inspired by the idea of storytelling through the lens of people, which is really a thread of our work throughout whole careers

Scott Newman and Ray Marrero are creatives behind work x work, a full-service storytelling and branding agency based in Brooklyn, NYC. They have a deep understanding and passion for the audio movement and how it relates to the advertising community, creative economy and people’s lives. In addition to design, branding, strategy, multimedia and events, Scott and Ray produce original cross-platform content, city guides and our their own sound festival.

Scott Newman, Founder & Creative Director. Scott has fifteen years experience building brands, launching media companies and crafting successful multi-platform campaigns for premium clients in lifestyle, hospitality and culture. He created work x work to satisfy the need of brands to express themselves through true storytelling and to help elevate the emerging podcast industry.

Ray Marrero, Design Director. Ray has over ten years experience of art direction, branding and experiential design working with large agencies such as Grey Advertising, Momentum Worldwide, Draft FCB, and Westwood One.

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