Campaign for Black Male Achievement

Building a beloved community

The image displays a logo featuring the letters "CBMA" in a bold, dark font. To the left of the text, there is a stylized golden figure with an arc, seemingly reaching for a star. The background is plain white.

Launched in 2008 by the Open Society Foundations, The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) is pioneering and advancing the movement for Black Male Achievement across the United States, while supporting organizations committed to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys.

In 2016, CBMA was at a turning point, having graduated from OSF and eager to communicate their new positioning, as well as the successes they’re seeing. CBMA came to Hyperakt to strengthen their messaging, brand, and web presence, with the aim of fostering new partnerships and increasing investment.

Hyperakt positioned CBMA as confident, mission-driven, and unapologetically black, with a new tagline, updated visual identity, and new website. While the content is still a work in progress, the new website clearly communicates the solutions and interventions that are working, with an emphasis on High School Excellence as a core indicator of impact in the next five years.

A group of young men, some wearing hoodies that read "HUMBLE YOUNG MAN HUMBLE," stand attentively. One wears a beige headband, and another has a hood covering most of his head. They are indoors, with blurred greenery visible in the background.
Two logos labeled "Before" and "After" for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA). The "Before" logo includes a star with outstretched arms and text in blue; the "After" logo has a streamlined star and curve design in gold with text in dark blue.
A sequence of three stylized, monochromatic human figures reaching for a star, from left to right. The first figure is dark gray with sharp angles, the second is light gray, and the third is smooth with rounded edges, each connected by rightward arrows.
A grid of six square blocks shows variations of the "CBMA" logo with a stylized star and a swoosh. The logos appear in different color combinations: gold on navy, gold on blue, gold on red, navy on gold, navy on yellow, and navy on white.
The image features the logo for the "Campaign for Black Male Achievement." It shows a stylized gold figure reaching towards a gold star, with the organization's name written in bold black text to the right of the figure. The background is white.
A split image of two people smiling. The left person, against a rural backdrop, wears a light gray hoodie with "DETROIT" and "CBMA" written on it. The right person, in an urban setting, wears a yellow cap with a logo and a dark vest. Both seem relaxed and happy.
The right words coming from the right person at the right time can have a transformational impact" - Shawn Dove.
The image features two books. The left book has a red cover with the title "Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway." The right book has a dark blue cover with the title "Rumble Young Man Rumble." Both books are branded with the "COBA" logo at the bottom.
A grayscale webpage features a mission statement for supporting Black men and boys, statistics about Oakland, CA, and success metrics. Sections include "Learn," "Love," "Lead," community initiatives, recent news, and a leadership tracker. Header reads "CBMA.
Screenshot of a website titled "The Campaign for Black Male Achievement." The layout features sections on values, recent news, about Oakland, and impact statistics. Prominent text sections read "LOVE, LEARN, LEAD," and "High School Excellence," among others.
An image displaying the website of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement on three devices: a smartphone, a desktop monitor, and a tablet. The website features themes of "Love, Learn, Lead" and aims to build a community for Black men and boys.
A man wearing a navy blue t-shirt with the word "RUMBLE" in white sits on a gray couch. To his left, on a red background, is a quote in yellow text: "Be careful what you declare, it may just appear" attributed to Shawn Dove.
A person wearing a "Rumble Young Man Rumble 2017 Detroit" cap is partially visible, with the brim of the cap covering their eyes. Next to them is a blue background with a white text quote: "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it." - Muhammad Ali.
Image showing two geometric shapes on a white background. On the left is an inverted black triangle labeled "BMA Field Building." On the right is a gold upward-pointing triangle labeled "Movement Building.
A wall displays six motivational posters with quotes. Each poster features bold, colorful designs and varied typography. Pedestrians pass by on the sidewalk, some on foot and some on bicycles, adding movement to the street scene.
A navy blue notebook with the text "STAY HUMBLE HUNGRY & SMART" debossed on the cover, along with the acronym "CBMA" and a small logo at the bottom. The notebook has a yellow elastic band. Next to it is a black pen with the text "BUILDING BELOVED COMMUNITIES.
A grid of four gold-colored text designs on a white background. Top left: "Rumble Young Man Rumble". Top right: "MLK Now". Bottom left: "Health & Healing Strategies". Bottom right: "Black Male Reimagined". All texts are bold and capitalized.
A white ceramic mug with a handle on the right side featuring a design with a red and white diagonal split. The text "Stay Humble Hungry & Smart" is written in bold, with "Humble," "Hungry," and "& Smart" in gold, red, and blue, respectively.
A person with short hair and a beard is wearing a navy blue hoodie with the words "LOVE LEARN LEAD" printed in bold yellow capital letters. The background is dimly lit with some graffiti visible on the right side and a building in the shadows.
A booklet titled "We Are Building A Beloved Community" on the left and a large mural with the same message on a building on the right. The mural includes additional text about love, respect, and togetherness. Traffic lights and buildings are visible below the mural.
A red duffel bag with black straps displays white text that reads, "Rumble Young Man Rumble 2017 Detroit" on its side. The bag is cylindrical in shape with zipper closures on both ends.
A pair of beige boxing gloves hang from a black rope against a white brick wall. The gloves are branded with the inscriptions "Rumble Young Man Rumble" and "Combat" along with a logo.
Three posters on a wall for events titled "Rumble Young Man Rumble" organized by CBMA. Events are in Louisville on June 14, Baltimore on July 6, and Detroit on August 15, all in 2017. The posters use contrasting colors with specific event details listed beneath the titles.

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