Embrace Refugees

The long search for a new home

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Of all the people who come to this country, refugees are subjected to the most rigorous forms of screening. Candidates are evaluated for security risks and health issues on nine different levels, and the process takes about 18 to 24 months. Not all candidates are accepted.

The US has long been a leader in helping people who are fleeing violence and persecution find a safe place for their families to live. For decades, citizens and policy makers have come together to make this happen. In fact, five of the nine agencies that help refugees find homes in the US are from a variety of faiths. Americans from all religions and political leanings believe that helping refugees is the right thing to do.

The Hyperakt team interviewed refugees, spoke with resettlement agencies and officials at the State Department, and conducted secondary research in order to craft the story from the ground up. Through an easy-to-digest chapter structure, split-screen design, bright colors, iconography, and vivid photography, we turned an otherwise dense and dry topic into a digital experience that informs and inspires.

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