RPA Fourth Regional Plan

A region transformed

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Organizational Website, Experience
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The Regional Plan Association, RPA, is an urban research and advocacy organization working in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan region. Over its 90 year history it has been involved in some of the region’s most important public works and economic development projects.

RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan, A Region Transformed, will propose investments and policies to ensure the region’s success to all residents in years and decades ahead. Working closely with RPA, Hyperakt created the brand identity for A Region Transformed.

The identity is based on a system of basic geometric shapes and colors that represent the core building blocks of the fourth plan: Prosperity and Opportunity, Sustainability and Resilience, Movement and Connection. The interplay of these dynamic shapes reveal tangible, carefully considered recommendations for the long-term success of the region and it’s residents.

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Project Credits

  • Regional Plan Association
Year of Completion
  • 2016
  • For Initiatives
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Organizational Website
  • Experience
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