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Creating spaces where people experiencing serious mental illness find strength in community.

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For over seventy years, Fountain House has served people living with serious mental illness through a network of mental health care programs rooted in vibrant, collaborative communities that build up work, wellness and social connections. The nonprofit’s high-touch, human-centered methodology has inspired an international presence in over 30 countries.

The Challenge

Fountain House consistently creates success for its members, sparking meaningful wins in education—members complete school at rates twice the national average for folks living with serious mental illness—and radical reductions in re-hospitalization, from 50% to 10%. But their life-changing work happens within the walls of their bricks-and-mortar “clubhouses” that are, quite literally, the cornerstone of the Fountain House model. When COVID-19 hit, Fountain House needed a new way to engage members in their life-changing work.

Same goals, new tools

Fountain House eschews institutionalized pathology in favor of a more integrated approach that resembles the normal lives its members are working toward. Its clubhouses are warm, welcoming, and purposeful. Members and practitioners work shoulder-to-shoulder on projects ranging from information technology to gardening.

Hyperakt worked with the Fountain House team to weave together existing social communication platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Facebook into a website that serves as a ‘Virtual Clubhouse’. With an easily navigable user experience and friendly, bright illustrations, we aimed to translate the appealing environment of Fountain House clubhouses into the digital sphere.

Simplicity is key

For many Clubhouse members, technology isn’t second nature—especially the fast-moving interactivity of social platforms. The Virtual Clubhouse website foregrounds multiple means of tech support over phone, email, and a helpdesk. We struck a balance with content strategy, too. Clear action steps and explanatory text guide members through the site with language that’s light and focused, as to not distract from the ultimate destination: the social spaces.

  • 58%
    of current members connected digitally within one month

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