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Lost a file? Never fear! Atlassian's InfoQuest is here!

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A huge amount of time and money is wasted in the average workplace because of inefficiencies in data retrieval and collaboration systems. With a wide array of uncoordinated technologies available for storage and communication–like email, various word processing and design softwares, hard drives, cloud computing and old fashioned speech–workers in diverse industries must devote a significant portion of the work day to simply find and share information.

In 2004, Australian software firm Atlassian developed Confluence, a collaboration and knowledge management system that revolutionized the way companies talk to themselves. Confluence gives team members a simple, flexible platform to share ideas quickly and easily, without having to dig through old archives or manage conflicting file formats.

Bringing the story to life

To commemorate the release of version 4.0 of the software, Hyperakt collaborated with Atlassian to create the story of Chuck. Chuck is an average employee, lost in the abyss of his hard drive, inbox, and cloud network at work as he searches for a file. Scrolling through the parallax website, you can join him in his journey to find the critical information his boss requested before his closely approaching deadline.

Project Credits

Project Team
  • Eric Fensterheim
  • Radhika Unnikrishnan
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