Social Good Ipsum

An ipsum generator for designers that features the jargon and buzzwords we hear all the time from social impact organizations.

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Smart dummy text for those who give a damn

Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipsicing elite. Got it? Neither did we. In the publishing and design industries, “lorem ipsum” is used as dummy text in visual designs. Using placeholder copy like this helps designers and clients alike focus on layout, imagery, typography, and design rather than on the actual wording of content.


Dummy copy is great, but what’s with all the Latin? Turns out, the original Lorem Ipsum comes from bits and pieces of Cicero’s De Finibus bonorum et Malorum (On the Ends of Goods and Evils). We work for good, we said to ourselves, so why not create filler text that’s just the good and not the evil? And maybe in a more comprehensible language?

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Thus was born Social Good Ipsum. We pulled words and phrases from the humanitarian, social impact, nonprofit sectors, to come up with winning chunks of filler text: Equal opportunity mobilize; Global, accessibility, fairness NGO support; technology. Invest billionaire philanthropy humanitarian relief natural resources outcomes. Peaceful overcome injustice collaborative cities, gender rights youth change-makers save the world.

It’s a fun way for do-gooders everywhere to add a little bit of compassion to comps. Try it out to get some inspiration for yourself!

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