Bruno Maag

September 18th

Bruno Maag

Type designer and founder of Dalton Maag

Bruno Maag is a Swiss typographer, known globally for his work in custom type design for clients ranging from small organizations to global tech companies. He began his typographic career with a traditional apprenticeship as a typesetter at the Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerlands largest daily newspaper. During this time, he learned to typeset with metal type, developing a love of the smell of ink and the roar of large machinery. With the introduction of new technologies he also worked with the somewhat quieter media of photo and digital type. So began a life-long passion for type as a communication tool in all media.

Bruno’s further education in Typography (BA level) and Visual Communications (MA level) at the Basel School of Design, Switzerland allowed him to expand his technical and organizational skills into design and identity development. His time at Basel cemented his love for the craft of type design under the supervision of Andre Guertler and Wolfgang Weingart. 

On graduating Bruno emigrated to the UK, to work for Monotype, where he established their ‘custom type department’, transferring in 1990 to its Chicago office where he developed fonts for, among others, the New Yorker magazine.

On his return to the UK in 1991, Bruno established Dalton Maag and has steadily grown the company to its current capacity, ensuring the ability to handle large global projects as well as continuing to work with small and medium sized companies.

With bases in London, Vienna, and Brazil, the company now employs almost 50 people and specializes in custom and licensed font solutions for companies of all sizes worldwide. Dalton Maag’s clients include Nokia, Amazon Kindle and Lush. A particular speciality is the creation of perfectly matched, multi script font families, including Indic scripts, Arabic, Cyrillic and Hebrew.

Alongside Bruno’s role as Chairman of Dalton Maag, he is currently undertaking a unique investigation into type and emotion, in collaboration with neuro scientist and Dalton Maag scientific consultant Dr Alessia Nicotra, addressing, in particular, the physiological response to type.

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