Lunch Talks

Emily Cohen

Consultant to Creative Professionals
July 16, 2010

Black and white photo of a person with short dark hair wearing eyeglasses, a sleeveless blouse with a floral pattern, and a large round geometric necklace. The person is looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

Emily Cohen is a business consultant specializing in small to mid-size design firms. Emily has over 25 years of experience working in the design industry as a designer, project manager, and studio manager. The services she provides for her clients include staff management and process evaluations, document audits, proposal writing, contract development, and grill-the-consultant sessions.

Her clients include Kiss Me I'm Polish, Open, Two Twelve Associates, Louise Fili, Carin Goldberg, Memo Productions/Douglas Riccardi, Karlssonwilker, MSLK, Alexander Isley Inc., and Hyperakt. Emily has been a board member for AIGA/NY. She has had dozens of speaking engagements for How, AIGA, Aquent, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, SVA, and has taught at NYU and the Type Directors Club.

  • A group of people socializing at an outdoor gathering. Some are standing and chatting, while others are eating and drinking. A woman in a striped dress and a man in a checkered shirt are particularly noticeable. The setting has a brick wall background.
  • A diverse group of people sits attentively in an outdoor space with wooden benches and a brick wall covered in ivy. They are engaged in a meeting or workshop, with some taking notes. The setting appears casual, with some people holding notebooks and wearing relaxed attire.
  • Close-up of sliced cucumbers filled with a creamy avocado mixture, topped with shredded cheese and arranged on a white plate. The cucumber slices are hollowed out to hold the filling, creating a visually appealing and fresh appetizer.
  • Close-up of sliced Spanish tortilla (potato omelet) pieces arranged on a plate, each with a toothpick inserted for easy picking. The tortilla is golden and slightly browned on the edges.
  • Close-up of endive leaves stuffed with walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, and caramelized ingredients. The colors are vibrant, with the light yellow endive contrasting against the darker brown nuts and creamy blue cheese.
  • A group of people sits on benches and chairs in an outdoor space, attentively facing a woman who is speaking and holding notes. The setting has a relaxed, informal atmosphere with a brick wall in the background and greenery on one side.
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