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Matt Ipcar

VP of Strategy, Blue State Digital
September 27, 2013

Use red white and blue, don’t fuck around - we’re not ready for green!

Matt Ipcar is a New York based interactive designer currently serving as Vice President of Strategy at Blue State Digital, where he provides executive sponsorship and guidance for a diverse range of clients. With a focus on design, Matt helps organizations find creative ways to connect with and inspire their constituencies, translate and evolve brands for the digital landscape, and bring consistency and simplicity to user interactions.

At his role at Blue State Digital, Matt worked on the 2012 Obama campaign. He was involved in designing the logo, typeface (Gotham Slab), and the launch of the second Obama campaign website.

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  • Two people, one in a black dress and one in a black shirt and jeans, are sitting on orange and white chairs in a backyard with a brick wall behind them. They are smiling and holding drinks. There is a hammock, a wooden barrel planter, and a tricycle nearby.
  • Four people are gathered in a small outdoor area with a brick wall. Two women in the foreground are looking at a phone, and one holds a beer. A man in the background is seated and holding an orange cup, while another man stands nearby with a plate of food.
  • A man presents information displayed on a projected screen to a group of people seated in a room. The room has exposed brick walls, modern pendant lights, and a map on the wall. The audience is attentively watching the presentation.
  • A man standing and pointing at a presentation slide projected on a screen in a dimly lit room. The slide displays various Obama-Biden 2012 campaign logos, color palettes, buttons, and print materials. Several people are sitting and watching him attentively.
  • A man and a woman are presenting in front of an audience. The woman is holding a paper, while the man stands beside a projection screen that displays the text, "Matt Ipcar from Blue State Digital, Let's Talk 2012." The room has brick walls and hanging white lights.
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