Lunch Talks

Katie Osborn

Founder & chief designer of Via Collective
July 27, 2018

If you think of wayfinding as being a journey from point A to point B, point A does not always begin in that place that you have been hired to design for. It almost always begins when people discover a place exists.

As the founder of Via Collective, Katie’s passion for wayfinding strategy is at the heart of improving people’s interactions with the built environment. By focusing on client communications and user-focused results, she’s delivered targeted solutions to clients throughout North America. Katie is a strong believer in collaboration with other experts to create user centered, on brand, and experiential design solutions. She a regular speaker on wayfinding strategy and how it is “more than signs”, sharing her expertise and passion for solutions that work for all people. She has presented her ideas and projects at American Planning Association (APA), American Institute of Architects (AIA), and Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD).

  • A long sandwich cut into many pieces, with visible greens and packed filling, placed on a white wooden board. In the background, there are several people engaging in conversation in a bright indoor setting.
  • Four women are chatting and smiling in a casual indoor setting with art on the wall and a projection screen in the background. The screen displays the text: "Intimate lectures featuring the world's top creative talents." One woman is holding a camera.
  • A person holds a can of Sixpoint Brewery's Sweet Action beer over a wooden table. In the background, two other people are partially visible—one seated and the other standing. The scene is indoors, with bookshelves and a refrigerator in the background.
  • A woman in a patterned dress stands at the front of a room, presenting to a seated audience. The audience is facing a large projector screen displaying an image of two people. The room is bright, with tall windows, a mix of industrial and modern decor, and wall posters.
  • A woman in a floral dress speaks to a seated audience, pointing at a projected image of a family posing next to a station wagon. The setting appears to be a workshop or classroom with artwork on the walls and chairs arranged for attendees.
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