Pro Bono Projects

Once a year, Hyperakt partners with small, community-focused, non-profit organizations to help you elevate your brand and communications through pro bono services.

About Hyperakt

At Hyperakt, we have the great privilege of working with a wide variety of purpose-driven organizations, including nonprofits, community and indigenous groups, for-profit entities working towards a specific cause, and other non-governmental and non-business organizations. With our small but mighty team, we reach the organizations that we can, in a way that is sustainable to our business.

About pro bono work at Hyperakt

In an effort to reach organizations who have smaller budgets, Hyperakt is launching a call for applications for pro-bono services to small, community-focused, non-profit organizations to help them elevate their brand and communications.

What kind of services will this cover?

Your organization can identify what you believe you need. Once you are chosen to receive our services, we’ll work together to clearly understand the change you’re trying to effect and the Hyperakt team will decide which of the following services would help get you closest to your goals.

  • Brand strategy (competitive positioning and basic organizational messaging such as mission / vision / values or equivalent)
  • Visual identity (custom logo, color palette, typography, and lookbook that provides examples of how to apply your new brand across various applications and channels)
  • All or some of the above, to be decided after initial conversations with 3 finalists.

Who Can Apply?

  • Nonprofit or fiscally sponsored organizations or projects located in the US, focusing on organizations with an operating budget under $500k
  • Organizations must be able to provide a dedicated point-of-contact for the duration of the project
  • Each year, we focus our open call on a topic or cause we’re particularly interested in pursuing as a studio. For 2021, Hyperakt will focus on organizations prioritizing inclusivity and actively contributing to a more antiracist world.

Your commitment to this engagement

We cannot do this work alone. And it would never be as effective without your collaboration, input, and partnership. In order to make sure we are channeling your vision and needs, you’ll need to designate staff who will be able to meet on a regular basis to discuss project needs and progress. You’ll also be responsible for meeting deadlines throughout the project. Continually missed deadlines may result in cancellation of the service.

Material costs

While Hyperakt will be handling all design work, you’ll be responsible for all hard costs associated with materials and production (e.g. printing, paper, production costs, photography, illustration, web hosting, etc.). We suggest you plan to reserve a minimum of $5,000 for hard costs.

Check back next year for our 2022 application and subscribe to the Hyperakt newsletter to stay tuned!

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