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Brand Refresh

Your brand shows up inconsistently, sowing confusion among your audiences. It’s difficult and expensive to create visual assets because the brand lacks cohesive standards for use. You need a fresh, memorable, distinctive brand.

Brand Refresh is for nonprofits of varying sizes that know themselves well, operate with a clear mission, and have a great team and culture. Our 6-month-long process will result in a modernized, professional, digital-savvy visual brand that better distinguishes the organization and its work.

We’ll collaborate with your team to identify the core brand idea which will set the foundation for a visual identity. We’ll develop two potential creative directions anchored in the core idea; you’ll see the brand fully executed in a range of media. With your team’s feedback, we’ll focus on honing and building out the brand system. You’ll also receive a brand standards guide to help your team easily and consistently create everything from event T-shirts and outreach emails to donor appeals and annual reports.

At the end of the process, your organization will have a visual wardrobe that allows you to dress for success. Your brand will be more professional, reputable, and unique. It will project your values, people, and mission into the world and cement the idea of what the organization is and does in the minds of stakeholders.

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