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Science can sometimes be as puzzling as it is fascinating. Our latest work for W.W. Norton is a series of 25 single page infographics that illustrate a diverse collection of subjects, from why certain creatures have more DNA to the composition of the universe.

1 Earth

W. W. Norton is the oldest and largest employee-owned publishing house, and publishes books across genres of fiction, nonfiction, and textbooks. For their recently published science textbook, Biology Now, Norton wanted engaging and approachable infographics that broke down different subjects in an easy to understand way.

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We used a combination of photography and illustration to build upon different data sets giving each page an editorial feel. Our goal was to bring each subject to life and get students excited about the world around them.

4 Race
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3 Watching

Project Credits

  • WW Norton
Year of Completion
  • 2014
  • For Initiatives
  • Print
Project Team
  • Jason Lynch
  • Margaux Le Pierrès
  • Marianna Fierro
  • Ambika Roos
  • Misa Rodriguez
  • Andrew Jerabek
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