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The Ford Foundation, an 80 year old philanthropic organization has just undergone a 2-year transition process under the leadership of president Darren Walker. Dubbed FordFoward, the transition signals significant changes in the way the Ford Foundation awards grants. The Foundation’s programs have been redesigned from the ground up to focus expressly on combating inequality. As Walker states, “Inequality, in all its forms, represents the greatest impediment to just, fair, and peaceful societies that offer opportunity for all. This is because inequality, in its broadest sense, can be found at the root of nearly every injustice.”

Hyperakt has been working with the Ford Foundation for over 5 years on various projects. As the transition was taking place, we were asked to redesign the organization’s primary channel of communication, their website to reflect the changes afoot in their strategy. The new site is bold, clean, colorful and huge — a breath of fresh air in the philanthropy sector. The Foundation’s new focus and newly realigned initiatives are clearly articulated, and the site’s structure has been completely redesigned to remove barriers and help readers find exactly what they’re looking for. Most importantly, people are brought to the forefront of the entire experience.

Project Credits

Project Team
  • Deroy Peraza
  • Margaux Le Pierrès
  • Eric Fensterheim
  • Ambika Roos
  • Jeanne Henry
  • Wen Ping Huang
  • Jason Lynch
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